He’s been in the Ecuadorean Embassy for 5 years now after seeking refuge from the British legal system who wanted to extradite him to Sweden.  When Sweden dropped the charges against him he thought he’d try to get out.  If there was no case to answer then why would the British still be hounding him?   Well, it’s not that simple.  In order to get into the Embassy and stay there for 5 years he had to skip bail and that’s put him outside the law.  Today the High Court ruled that the arrest warrant is still valid so he’s presumably staying put.   In the last 5 years he’s not been too lonely.  He’s had high profile visits from Pamela Anderson (accompanied by vegan cheeseburgers), Eric Cantana,  Lady Gaga and our own “Mr Brexit” Nigel Farrage (amongst others) and he’s appeared on the balcony for press statements.   So where is the balcony?  Well for that you need to visit Harrod’s.  Walk round the back of the store to Hans Crescent and there, at No 3, you’ll see the flag flying proudly from the very balcony.  And inside is the home of Julian Assange.   If you want to see it along with stories of the underground tunnels, police memorials, royal underwear makers and Cambridge spies who have occupied the area then ask me about a Knightsbridge walk.  At least you’ll be out in the open air.