Two thousand years of history, the leading international language, a major financial centre, a movie-making capital, some of the World's most iconic buildings, and fashion, and sport, and shopping... It all adds up to one thing - LONDON. And the guides at Discovering London are the perfect people to give you the tour of your choice.

See below for some of the walks that have been requested by and delivered for clients so far. Want something different? Let us know.


From Roman London to World War Two bombsites and everything in between. If you don't want a period then pick an event - how about a Charles I execution walk or the history of the suffragettes - or a person - we have walks on Winston Churchill, Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren.


Stroll through Shakespeare's stews and see the Globe Theatre or duck down Dickens' alleyways and visit his house and you've now covered the two most famous London writers. But we don't stop there - why not look at George Orwell, The Bloomsbury Group, Ian Fleming or Agatha Christie? And our Sherlock Holmes walk will have you questioning what is true and what is fiction.


So much of London is hidden, even from those who live here. We can introduce you to the story of tea and coffee in England, and share a cuppa with you. We have a series of walks through different areas designed for riders and horse enthusiasts. We find graves of famous people, follow the path of London's sewers and tell gruesome tales that are all true. Our scandalous London will make your toes curl.


We have a wide range of walks covering WWI - all designed for the centenary commemorations - including a Battle of the Somme walk and Christmas in the Trenches. We cover WWII with its impact on London and the Home Front and we include tours of the Imperial War Museum. Earlier conflicts are covered in a Duke of Wellington walk and we have walks looking at memorials and statues. For Australians and New Zealanders, ask about our ANZAC walk.