there are going to be some in London, but they don't get us down.

These are the days when you head for one of over 300 museums and galleries. Some are huge - we still find new bits of the British Museum to enjoy - and some are tiny - it's difficult to turn around in John Soane's 18th Century house - but the joy is that like our walking tours, there is something to suit everyone.

Our favourites include:

  • The British Museum for all things archaeological and world-famous
  • The Natural History Museum for dinosaurs and fantastic architecture
  • The Science Museum for the making of the modern world and pressing buttons
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum for marvellous art and design
  • The Museum of London for London in depth
  • The Museum in Docklands for East End commerce and culture
  • The National Maritime Museum for seagoing stories
  • The Imperial War Museum for 20th and 21st Century conflicts
  • The National Gallery for Rembrandt, Tition, Van Gogh, Michaelangelo and others
  • The Tate Britain for beautiful British art and the Turner collection
  • The Tate Modern for a different perspective

and that's just for starters!

Don't forget our many churches. The larger ones such as Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral can easily take a morning or afternoon to see everything and you can spend a profitable few hours in The City hopping in and out of Wren's churches between showers.