We are all, with one obvious exception (see below) London Blue Badge Guides.  This is the highest qualification for tourist guiding in London and we have undertaken rigorous training and passed exams to get this Badge.  We are proud of it and we think it is something worth celebrating. But that's not enough.  We are passionate about giving you a good time, answering your questions and showing you what you want to see.  We have a wealth of experience in lots of fields so take a look and see who you think you would like to share your London experience with.

Kim Dewdney

London Blue Badge Tourist Guide

Kim received her Blue Badge in 2001 and graduated with the "Guide of the Year" award.  Her previous work experience covers nursing, medical charities, as a trades union official and finally as a political assistant in both the European and British parliaments.  She's a mum to two who are now grown up and embarking upon their own careers.  She is a mad football fan, sings in a choir and loves history.  She's the guide who will show you any bit of London you choose to explore and the one who welcomes families and school groups.

Rex Osborn

London Blue Badge Tourist Guide

Rex received his Blue Badge in 2010 following a career in politics and the City where he ended up as Managing Director to a Public Affairs Company.  He is still a local Councillor in his home borough.  He is a History graduate with a keen interest in military history and loves exploring how an area's local history has been affected by the nation's events and vice versa.  Rex has designed many of our suburban walks away from London's busier centre and is the one you want for anything South of the Thames.  His favourite place in London is the British Museum.

Joanne Lee

London Blue Badge Tourist Guide

Jo received her Blue Badge in 2009 and now runs our sister site Discovering Legal London in addition to guiding more general sites.  She is a qualified and well established criminal defence solicitor and loves spending her time showing others how the legal system here works. Jo is also a keen sports fan and can often be found guiding at Wimbledon and on the Olympic Park.

Greer Dewdney


Rex & Kim's daughter Greer is not a Blue Badge guide but she is an archaeologist. She is who to come to if you want to see first hand some of London's archaeological history. Enquire with her for an archaeologist's perspective on the standing remains of Roman London (from the amphitheatre to the original city walls and the Mithraeum), the prehistoric artefacts in the Museum of London (including some of the earliest evidence for brain surgery) or even to enhance your trip out to Stonehenge with more detail on the surrounding landscape of burial sites and ritual celebrations.