Many of our walks are suitable or can be adapted for academic groups of all ages and stages. And some of our more interesting walks have been designed to suit student groups looking for a specific course content.

An obvious starting point are our history walks which cover all periods of English history, but do consider us for other subjects.

We have worked with a London school to develop a walk on Sustainability in the City. We have taken set texts for GCSE, A-Levels and University students and fleshed out the context and life of the author. We look at architecture both old and new and we offer business students the opportunity to see the financial centre of the UK.

In addition to the outside tours our knowledge of galleries and museums can be used to deliver a tour that is customised to the course. So, theatre students have taken tours of the theatre gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum; groups studying women's suffrage have been to see the Elizabeth Garret Anderson Museum and the British Museum is a regular both for highlights tours and for indepth tours in a particular gallery.

And don't think it all has to be for more serious students. We have had great fun with 6 year olds on Plague and Fire walks and an art walk with Reception children in Battersea Park was a fantastic success.